The lowest price of the day for a particular futures contract. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
The smallest price paid during the day or over the life of the contract. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
In the context of general equities, this is a specific minimum limit required by a seller in execution an order ("I'll sell 50 with an eighth low."); implies a not-held limit order . Antithesis of top. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The lowest price a security reached in a certain period of time. Opposite of high. London Stock Exchange Glossary
The lowest execution price of a trade that day, or on the last trading day. NYSE Euronext Glossary

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I. low low 1 [ləʊ ǁ loʊ] adjective
1. small, or smaller than usual, in amount, level, or degree:

• City analysts have said the takeover offer is too low.

• It is vital to keep your overhead costs as low as possible.

• people on low incomes

• a mortgage at a low rate of interest

• a low-risk venture

• a policy of low inflation

2. below an acceptable standard or quality:

• Safety standards in the industry are much too low.

• Cost-cutting has led to a lower quality of service.

3. a supply of something that is low is nearly finished:

• Stocks are getting low.

  [m0] II. low low 2 noun [countable usually singular]
a low price or level:

• Its shares fell to a low of 550p.

• Inflation is heading for an all-time low.

hisˌtoric ˈlow also historical low, record low
the lowest level ever reached:

• The euro sank to a historic low against the dollar.

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low UK US /ləʊ/ adjective
below the usual or expected level or amount: »

The offer was rejected on the grounds that it was too low.

low inflation/interest rates/taxes »

The housing boom coincided with a flat economy, low inflation, and a falling stock market.


Interest rates fell to their lowest level since records began in January 1975.

low prices/costs/fees »

Higher profits and lower prices lift demand and keep inflation in check.


The manufacturing industry has been hit by low productivity, falling sales and mounting losses.


Developers are focusing on building more affordable housing targeted at families on low incomes.


These dedicated staff put up with long hours and low pay, because they love the job.

low unemployment/crime »

Unemployment in the region is lower than the national average.

not very good or acceptable: low quality/standards »

Attempts at voluntary regulation had failed because too many companies with low standards had not joined the system.

not important because of being at the bottom of a range or group of things: »

Transport was a low priority for the new administration.


More flexible working conditions are changing the traditionally low status of part-time jobs.

be/get/run low (on sth) — Cf. run low on sth
Compare HIGH(Cf. ↑high) adjective
low UK US /ləʊ/ adverb
at a level which is less than usual or expected: »

Working from home and communicating online helped them keep costs low while they were setting up their new business.

at or to a position of less importance: »

Ethics training ranks low on the manager's priority list.

low UK US /ləʊ/ noun [C]
the lowest level that something has reached since it has been measured or during a particular period: hit/fall to a low »

The company's stock fell to a six-month low.

a new/record/all-time low »

The dollar hit a record low against the euro and was down sharply against the Japanese yen.


The price of oil has nearly doubled from last year's lows.

Compare HIGH(Cf. ↑high) noun
See also HISTORIC LOW(Cf. ↑historic low)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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